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The College of Business Management and Accounting (COBA) strives to provide first class education to prepare students for positions in the industry. We are proud to say that the College of Business Management and Accounting is currently at the forefront as far as the world of business education is concerned. The high opinions of our peers confirm our conviction that the College of Business Management and Accounting undergraduates stand among the best in the nation. The present intake of students will enrol themselves at Kampus Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang. All programmes offered by the College of Business Management and Accounting are designed to satisfy the academic requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). In addition, the Accounting degree programme is designed to satisfy the requirements for membership to the relevant professional body.

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College of Business Management and Accounting (COBA)
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus
26700 Bandar Muadzam Shah

> College Management

Dean, College of Business Management & Accounting
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hj. Amanuddin bin Shamsuddin, CPA (Aust.), CA(M), AIIA

PhD. in Accounting (Universiti Teknologi MARA)
Master of Accounting (Universiti Teknologi MARA)
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) (Universiti Teknologi MARA)
Bachelor of Commerce (Universiti of Newcastle, Australia)

R: WSAS-3-005
E: Amanuddin@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2039
DL: +609-455 2039

Deputy Dean (Academic & Research)
Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Zahari

PhD (Universiti Malaysia Pahang)
Master (Marketing) (Unversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
BBA (Hons) (Marketing) (Universiti Teknologi MARA)

R: WSAS-2-003
E: Rahman@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2061
DL: +609-455 2061

Deputy Dean (Student Affairs & External Relations)
Dr. Khairulnizam bin Mat Karim

PhD. (Comparative Religion) (Universiti Malaya)
M.A Usuluddin (Comparative Religion) (Universiti Malaya)
B.A (Hons.) (Major: Usuluddin & Comparative Religion/ Minor: Sociology) (International Islamic University Malaysia)

R: WSAS-2-005
E: KhairulNizam@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2048
DL: +609-455 2048

Head of Department, Accounting and Finance
Norkhazimah binti Ahmad

Master of Accountancy (Universiti Teknologi MARA)
Bachelor of Accountancy (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

R: WSAS-3-009
E: Norkhazimah@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2032
DL: +609-455 2032

Head of Department, Business and Management
Dr. Nor Salwati binti Othman

PhD. in Business Management (Universiti Tenaga Nasional)
Master of Business Administration (Universiti Utara Malaysia) Economics (Hons.) (Universiti Malaya)

R: WSAS-2-003
E: Norsalwati@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2062
DL: +609-455 2062

Head of Department, Foundation and Diploma Studies
Dr. Suzaida binti Bakar

PhD. in Finance (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Master of Science (Management) Majoring in Islamic Banking (Universiti Utara Malaysia)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Majoring in Finance (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

R: WSAS-2-015
E: Suzaida@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2068
DL: +609-455 2068



> College Administrative Staff​

Assistant Registrar
Wan Nurul Huda binti Mohd Yusoff

R: WSAS-3-002
E: WNurul@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2127
DL: +609-455 2127

Secretary to the Dean
Muhaimi binti Tan Sulaiman

R: WSAS-3-002
E: Muhaimi@uniten.edu.my
T: +609-455 2020 Ext. 2107
DL: +609-455 2107