> Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

This department focuses on the development of soft skills among undergraduates to enhance employability prospects. This includes the compulsory MQA subjects that students select based on their interests. Among the MQA subjects are Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban (PEP), Falsafah dan Isu Semasa (FIS), Introduction To Social Psychology, Sports & Recreation Management at Work Places, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Social Work, Kursus Integriti dan Anti Rasuah, Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion.

Courses offered by the department expose students to critical reading and thinking skills as well as discussions and debates on current issues. The courses also aim to empower students as knowledgeable and communicatively competent, cutting-edge graduates, gain citizenship skills, increase cultural awareness, have respect for the past, increase knowledge of world affairs, develop skill for cross-curricular learning and finally learn more about current events. Therefore, we produce graduates with higher-order thinking skills, fast decision-making, and good problem-solvers. Such graduates can lead the country toward fulfilling its vision and mission.

> Department of Languages and Communication

This department focuses on the development of soft skills among undergraduates which includes the teaching of English for academic and specific purposes like public speaking, presentation skills, writing skills, business English and technical communication, international languages.

In addition, the department conducts an Intensive English Program for international students. International students who do not meet the English entry requirement can enrol in the Intensive English Programme (IEP) designed to help them improve their English proficiency before they register for their Foundation, Degree or Postgraduate studies. The department also offers English Short Course (ESC) for foundation students who would like to brush up on their English
when they start their tertiary education.

Apart from language and communication courses, the department also offers several other international language courses such as Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, French and German.

For continuous improvement, the department also organizes Language seminar series that engage experts from local and abroad in dialogues and academic lectures, preparatory courses for SAT, IELTS and MUET, MUET on Demand services and proofread services.

> Department of Lifelong Learning

The department is a one stop center for short courses in college related area, Edu-tourism, executive diploma, Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET), and Personal Enrichment and Empowerment Program (PEEP). The focus is to deliver strong fundamental and holistic knowledge in Social Sciences and encourage Lifelong Learning through high quality and innovative education for sustainable future.

> Department of APEL

The department is a one stop center for admission to university through APEL. APEL stands for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning. Admission by APEL basically recognised the informal education such as working experience as part of entry qualification requirement or when applying for credit transfer. The recognition procedure is a systematic process involving the identification, documentation, and assessment of learning based on past experience.

The department is responsible to receive and process the APEL assessment for the purpose of admission to the program, maintaining and defending the credibility and integrity of the entire APEL process. The department must practice good governance including regularly monitoring and reviewing APEL's operations. All processes and procedures must be transparent, clearly defined and integrated into the existing quality assurance and improvement mechanisms at UNITEN.