> Department of Economics and Management

At the Department of Economics and Management, our aspiration has always been to offer the society a high standard of teaching, research and consultation. Currently, we offer two programmes: Bachelor of Economics (Energy) (Hons) and Bachelor of Business Economics (Hons).

We have designed the structure of our programme to produce graduates that are relevant to the market, characterised as professionally competent, and more essentially imbued with high level of ethics. Our staff members are involved in research that covers a wide area of economics. This would ensure that our staff members are keeping abreast with the current development, which in turn would also bring necessary exposure to students.

Knowledge of business and economics are regarded as an essential component in managing a business. Economics provides the general theoretical framework in which a business operates while business knowledge provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills on how to effectively and efficiently handle business decisions.

The programmes intend to create knowledgeable, competent and well-sought-after professionals with a high degree of aptitude to meet the challenges of the ever-changing business world. Students are exposed to various courses in business, economics and quantitative skills in mathematics, statistics and research methodology.

> Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

This department focuses on the development of soft skills among undergraduates to enhance employability prospects. This includes the teaching of English for academic and specific purposes like public speaking, presentation skills, writing skills, business English and technical communication, international languages, as well as compulsory MQA subjects that students select based on their interests. Among the MQA subjects are Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Comparative Religion.

Courses offered by the department expose students to critical reading and thinking skills as well as discussions and debates on current issues. The courses also aim to empower students as knowledgeable and communicatively competent, cutting-edge graduates. In addition, the department conducts an Intensive English Program for international students, and various short-term courses such as counselling as well as staff and student motivation courses. For continuous improvement, the department also organizes Language and Social Science seminar series that engage experts from local and abroad in dialogues and academic lectures.

Apart from language and communication courses, the department also offers several other international language courses such as Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, French and German.

International students who do not meet the English entry requirement can enrol in the Intensive English Programme (IEP) designed to help them improve their English proficiency before they register for their Foundation, Degree or Postgraduate studies. The department also offers a short course in English for Malaysian students (CIE) who have just finished their SPM and would like to brush up on their English before they start their tertiary education.