Digitalisation, smart grids and cities, innovative storage systems plus new policies and business models are disrupting evolution of the energy economy. Conventional thinking no longer applies. Conventional learning no longer works. No matter. We’re ready to meet the many challenges change has put on the table head-on. Are you?

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Published On 31 December 2018

Even though he is constantly busy with his commitment as the Malaysia's national hockey player, Muhammad Firdaus Omar never put aside his aim to complete his Energy Economics degree at Col…

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Published On 01 December 2018

If you have a mind to upset the status quo with your big ideas for tomorrow’s world, then maybe, we’re just the thing for the genius in you.

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Published On 12 November 2018

Small act of kindness with the grandest intention. UNITEN Art and Culture Fundraising Carnival is an event with the aim to raise fund for treatment and care of cancer patients in the count…