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Ts. T.J Iskandar Abd Aziz - Director, Digital Learning Centre

Ts. T.J Iskandar Abd Aziz - Director, Digital Learning Centre


Welcome to the world of Digital and Flexible Learning. A world where borderless education is made possible for everyone with technology and internet connection. With the advancement of digital age technologies (internet, computer, mobile devices, social media platforms, etc.), instructional practices such as Blended Learning or Virtual Learning, digital content and instruction, learners everywhere benefit in way beyond our imagination. These technologies provide a wide range of solutions to enhance skills, knowledges and performances of learners in real life. The globalised knowledge economy of the 21st century is characterised by rapid and discontinuous change. To remain productive and relevant, learners need to adept and adopt different strategy of continual and lifelong learning. Through digital learning, one can learn industry and demand-driven, bite-size, personalised and opened online courses and obtained digital certifications. These changes in the education sector proves to be a challenge to all Higher Education Providers (HEPs), including UNITEN as one of the top private universities in Malaysia.  

In response to this digital challenge and prospect, UNITEN introduced the Digital Learning Initiative (DL) in 2020, as part of its bigger plan of BOLD 2025 Refresh. This DL initiatives aims to put UNITEN on top of the competition and became the leading global energy university focusing on Energy and beyond. UNITEN has been working to design and deliver suitable short units, modules and courses on new knowledge, skills, technologies and attributes to equip the masses for the new economic challenges. New Micro-credential courses (MCs), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Open and Distance Learning programmes (ODLs) has been developed and ready to be offered to the market, targeting the both off-campus and on-campus learners. 

UNITEN, The Energy University
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UNITEN in its quest to become a world-class institution is embarking on high-quality and innovative programmes and services that gear students for the industry, commerce and academia.  This is achieved by delivering programmes that allows learning to go beyond the walls of the traditional classroom and to transcend the regular scheduled learning sessions to digital learning educational delivery.  In line with this aspiration, UNITEN’s vision for digital learning is: 

Empowering A Flexible Lifelong Learning Experience for A Sustainable Future

To address this aspiration, the Digital Learning Centre (DLC) under the jurisdiction of the Chief Operational Officer (COO) has been established in March 2021. DLC is responsible to ensure efficient implementation and operation of Digital & Flexible Learning (DL) programmes and courses offerings. One of the main tasks of DLC is to manage the overall implementation of DL at the University’s level, coordination of committee and business units involved in DL activities, as well as the development of DL content (e.g. Micro-credentials (MC), Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Open Distance Learning (ODL)).


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