Why take MC, MOOCs and ODL at UNITEN?

All programmes in UNITEN are accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and related professional bodies. Being in the Top 10 in Malaysia*, UNITEN continuously develops human resources, infostructures and infrastructures to offer its top programmes in the ODL mode. Portions and modules of these programmes are offered as MC and MOOC courses too. UNITEN invests in the latest technology to provide a user-friendly environment in the Learning Management System (LMS). The integrated LMS portal, known as BRIGHTENX, allows students to learn, interact, manage, and obtain relevant information of courses, study progress and others digital resources. All ODL courses are offered online, yet students can still interact with the instructor and fellow classmates in real-time synchronous tutorial sessions. Students will be taught by qualified academics that are experienced in their fields, active in research and collaborations, and are industry professionals.

Off-campus ODL students will also receive student support and may enjoy University facilities similar to on-campus conventional students. It is hoped that ODL students will take the opportunity to visit UNITEN campus  physically during orientation week, to join student activities organised by various clubs and societies, or during the real-time tutorial sessions. Learners enrolled into MC or MOOC courses offered by UNITEN may eventually have the opportunity to use the earned credentials to upgrade into UNITEN academic programmes, either as full-time or part-time learners.


Micro-credential (MC)

Micro-credential (MC) is a certification of learning of a smaller set of courses or modules or units which are designed to equip learners with knowledge, skills, values and competencies in a narrow area of study and/or practice. MCs offer a more dynamic, competitive, demand-driven, shorter and less expensive alternative to the traditional degree. As their name implies, MCs focus on much smaller modules of learning than those covered in conventional academic awards, which often allow learners to complete the required work over a shorter period (MQA, 2019).

In their most developed form, MCs represent more than mere recognition of smaller modules of learning. They form part of a digital credentialing ecosystem, made possible by digital communications technologies, establishing networks of interest through which people can share information about what a learner knows and can do (Milligan and Kennedy, in James et al., 2017).

Interested learners may take UNITEN micro-credential modules to upgrade their knowledge and skill set, with minimal investment in time and cost. Completion of a series of micro-credential modules will be rewarded with a digital badge that is recognised by accreditation bodies and the industry.

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are online courses available for anyone with a computer and access to the internet. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills for career advancement and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. MOOCs offer students a way to learn in a setting like an online class but are usually loosely structured and can be accessed without committing to an academic programme (MQA,2019)

• The keyword “massive” is associated with the capacity of the course offered to serve large numbers of learners
• “Open Online” refers to MOOCs that can be accessed anywhere by connecting to the  Internet to provide synchronous and/or asynchronous interactions between the participants (instructors and learners) and the content of the course.
• A MOOC is facilitated by at least an instructor whether it is offered as an in-session or a self-paced mode.

UNITEN MOOCs include fundamental topics, special interest, and niche courses in energy and technology as well as generic MPU courses that can be credit-transferred to any Malaysian university.

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Open & Distance Learning (ODL)

Open & Distance Learning (ODL) refers to the provision of flexible educational opportunities in terms of access and multiple modes of knowledge acquisition.

• Flexible means the availability of choices for educational endeavours anywhere, anytime and anyhow.
• Access means opportunity made available to all, freeing them from constraints of time and place.
• Multiple modes mean the use of various delivery systems and learning resources.

A programme of study is deemed as an ODL programme if more than 60% of the courses offered in the programme are conducted via open and distance learning. In order for a course to be considered as an ODL course, at least 80% of the student learning time (SLT) must be delivered via open and distance mode.

UNITEN plans to offer a selection of highly popular academic programmes in ODL mode. Since ODL is a flexible way of learning; students can earn formal qualifications in their own environment and according to their own schedule; suitable for working adult that are self-motivated and willing to take-up the challenge.

UNITEN - Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
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