Electronic to Electrical Engineering Conversion Program


This 15-week conversion program is similar to courses offered in UNITEN's Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering (Hons.) program. The courses are aimed at providing strong electrical engineering fundamentals, especially electrical power topics to the participants.

It offers to graduates with a Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering who have been registered under the Electronic category with BEM and wish to change their registration to the Electrical category. UNITEN has been approved by BEM to allow prospective candidates to enroll in relevant courses to bridge the gap to acquire sufficient knowledge in the Electrical Engineering field.

Successful completion of the course(s) will qualify the candidates to change their registration category with BEM from Electronic to Electrical.


Courses offered:

1. Electrical Machines & Drives (EMD)

2. Electrical Power System II (PSII)

3. Circuit Analysis ll (CCT ll)

4. Electromagnetic Field & Waves (EMF)


The program details are as follows:

Registration date  : 22 – 26 Aug 2022
Course Fee : RM1990.00 per subject
Venue : Microsoft Teams

Electronic to Electrical Engineering Conversion Program Poster, Download Here.


Any inquiry, please contact us:

Mr. Mohd Azrin Mohd Azau                         
03-8921 2020 ext.7218                                 

Ms Harizatul Akma Abdul Halim
03-8921 2020 ext.7583

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