The Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach is a perfect complement to UNITEN’s Blended Learning initiative as it promotes active learning during face-to-face contact hours.

With Blended Learning and Flipped Teaching, students first gain knowledge input and learning directions through online materials in Moodle, the university’s Learning Management System, prior to a classroom meeting. When the students come face-to-face with the lecturers in class, they will be ready for knowledge application through the given PBL tasks. This further promotes the attainment of higher order thinking skills. The use of technology, especially Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Blended Learning, complements and enhances the whole experience of PBL.

The first phase of the implementation is to change the traditional classroom teaching to flipped teaching, problem-based learning and other partial blended learning techniques.

In future, full adaptive blended learning is envisioned to be implemented in most of the subjects in UNITEN. UNITEN will be one of the top universities with adaptive blended learning technology in Malaysia and regionally.