If you have any query, please contact our Reference Librarian : Azizatun@uniten.edu.my or Masayu@uniten.edu.my.


Universiti Tenaga Nasional Information Resource Centre (IRC) began its operation in 1997 and is one of the leading private university libraries in Malaysia, with a reputation for providing information resources and excellence in customer service. This plays a key role in enabling and supporting the high standard of learning, teaching, education and research at UNITEN.

IRC’s primary aim is to support students and staff of UNITEN in all areas of their study and work. UNITEN IRC uses an on-line, real-time and fully integrated system for all its operations. It develops and maintains extensive printed and e-resources to support the research, teaching and learning activities of the University.

The IRC building was modeled after the IUPUI University library and integrates all the library resources. The IRC consists of 6 levels occupying a total floor area of approximately 18,645 square meters. It is among the biggest library in Southeast Asia. It has a seating capacity for 1,074 users and spacious reading areas furnished with updated facilities and technology. Functioning in a setting of unique design, it serves as a blend of a conventional and modern library providing an aesthetically pleasing and conducive environment for study and research.

Both KSHAS and Putrajaya campus libraries, with the upgraded interior and modern open concept and private layouts, cater to the new concept of study environment.


Among highlights of the Information Resource Centre are:


  • This area is open for 24 hours
  • Equipped with WIFI connection and plug points
  • About 192 reader spaces in this area.


  • Learning Commons Study Area for leisure reading and common discussion environment
  • More than 200 reader spaces and 12 computers with WiFi facilities
  • The new concept of library environment is for those who wish to study in small groups with low-volume conversations.


  • A variety of study spaces for staff, students and researchers of the university
  • These range from individual study spaces for quiet study, group study rooms where students can work together on projects or discussion.





Photocopy Services

  • Provides photocopy machines workstation at Level 5 to facilitate users in making photocopies
  • Users are allowed to photocopy several pages of books for their references
  • Users are reminded to abide by the Copyright Act 1987.


  • More than 300 lockers located in a room near the entrance of the library
  • These lockers are available for rental on a monthly basis
  • Users may leave their personal belongings in these lockers. (Library will not be responsible for any losses incurred to the users).
  • Keys to the lockers can be obtained from the Info & Service Counter.


Information & Services Counter

At Info & Service Counter, a qualified librarian provides assistance in locating information and helps users make the most effective use of the library's facilities, services and collections. Info & Service Counter is the place to begin when you need assistance in using the library or in locating material for your research or information needs.

The reference staff can help you master the complexities of the electronic and printed resources which serve as guides to the library's collections.
Whether your need is for specific information or for advice in developing a term paper, the staff can assist you in fully utilising the available resources.

The following services are provided by the Info & Service Counter:

  • Borrow & return of the book
  • General and specific enquiry
  • Literature search services
  • Instruction on the use of indexes, abstracts and reference works
  • Instruction on searching CD-ROMs and computerized databases
  • Compilation of reading lists and bibliographies
  • Assistance in locating research information from printed and computerized sources
  • Individualised consultation for research
  • Course related Library Instructions.

Examination Hall

  • The Examination Hall is located at Level 6 and is used for examination or test purposes.
  • Users and outsiders can reserve this hall.



  • The Library Auditorium is available for use to the university community and external organisations
  • Located at Level 2 at the Main Entrance of UNITEN Library, the auditorium has a seating capacity of 253 pax
  • It is a suitable venue for events or functions
  • This facility is managed by the Facilities and Development Management Department (FDM) and the reservation could be made by filling in the form provided by FDM
  • For reservation, please contact FDM staff : hana@uniten.edu.my or call +603-8921 2020 ext 1479.

Computer Lab

  • The library provides two computer labs to assist users with the User Education Programs and training
  • Users also may do reservation for the labs for other appropriate activities
  • The labs are located at level 5 and adjacent to each other.
  • Capacity 30 pax for InfoLab1 and 30 pax for InfoLab2.



Established in 2001, UNITEN KSHAS IRC has developed from a small resource center of training institution into a sophisticated and highly equipped information center with a full networking system. The IRC collection contains general collection, books, periodicals, serials, conference papers, reports, standards, non-book materials, digital collection and online resources pertaining to College of Business and Accounting course subjects such as Business, Management, Accounting, Financial, and Marketing.

UNITEN Putrajaya and KSHAS IRC using KOHA Integrated Library System to manage all printed and non-printed collection systematically and this system operates an online real time with fully integrated computer system. The Online Access Public Catalogue (OPAC) is one of the module inside KOHA that allow users to search the IRC's collection to more than 145,000 volumes of books, journals, printed and non-printed materials.


Functioning in a setting of unique design, it serves as a blend of a conventional and modern IRC providing an aesthetically pleasing and conducive environment for study and research. It has seating for 450 users and spacious reading areas furnished with modern facilities and technology.



Day Time
Monday - Friday 09.00 am - 10.00 pm
Saturday 09.00 am - 02.00 pm
Sunday 09.00 am - 05.00 pm


Day Time
Monday - Thursday 09.00 am - 5.15 pm
Friday 09.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

1. The IRC is closed on public holidays.
2. IRC service hours can be extended from time to time according to the needs and study week.
3. No borrowing is permitted 5 minutes before the posted closing hour.


Services and facilities provided by the KSHAS Library are as follows :

  • Borrowing Services and Book Renewals
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Reference and Information Services
  • Electronic & Multimedia Reference Services
  • Photocopying & Lockers Facilities
  • User Education and Media Services
  • Computerized Information Searches
  • Inter-Library Loans
  • Leisure Reading Area and Discussion Room
  • Complaints & Suggestion Box Services
  • Newspaper and Internet Service.