Institute of Sustainable Energy & AAIBE Chair of Renewable Energy at UNITEN are supported by PenjanaBebas, Tenaga Nasional Bhd and KeTTHA.

The Endowment

Agreement on the endowment Chair between UNITEN and AAIBE was signed on December 22 2017. The value of the endowment for the Chair is RM20 million. An endowed chair is managed as an endowment (donation) to provide research:

  • to enhance the applications of renewable energy as an alternative energy source for the country
  • to increase energy production from renewable sources especially from Biomass, Biofuel and Biogas alongside traditional sources, while contribute to create a safe environment and to reduce the emissions of harmful gases by reducing the use of fossil fuels; and
  • to create local economic and social benefits to the renewable energy industry in Malaysia while addressing global efforts to mitigate global warming.


The renowned expert holding the Chair will be appointed for a 2-3 years term with the main function of catalysing and leapfrogging researchers related to the mission of the Chair. The chair holder will also be responsible to solicit external research funds, assist and encourage publication while protecting intellectual properties and to foster R&D collaboration and commercialisation.

First Chair Holder (April 2018 – Present)


Professor Ir Dr Abd Halim Shamsuddin
AAIBE Chair for Renewable Energy
Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE)
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).


Professor Ir Dr Abd Halim is recognised in the area of fuel and energy, as well as renewable energy. His areas of expertise include combustion, fuel and energy, waste-to-energy sciences and technologies, biomass and biofuels.

He has over thirty year experience in R&D, since 1985, and has led over twenty-five research projects. Two of the most recent completed projects were:

(i) Sustainable Alternative Solid Biofuel from biomass for Carbon Reduction in Coal-fired Power Plant funded by the Ministry of Higher Education LRGS - RM1,522,000.00, and

(ii) Harnessing Renewable Energy Potential from STP Biogas and Treated Wastewater to Generate Electricity funded by the Malaysian Electricity Trust Fund Account (MESITA) with budget of RM 7,276,000.00.

He was also involved as a subject-matter expert on the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) Mega Sciences 2011-2050 : Energy Sector (2011) and the ASM Carbon-free Energy Roadmap 2050 (2014).

Mission of the Chair

Impact and Benefits