Institute of Energy Infrastructure (IEI) was formally established in December 2016. IEI aspires to be globally known research institute in development and advancement of sustainable infrastructure in energy sector.  

IEI provides a broad range of research and consultancy services, products and solutions, with the greatest depth of expertise, to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets in Malaysia as  well as in  other parts of the world.

Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Norashidah Bt Md Din

Four niche areas  of IEI’s core research and consultancy capabilities are:


  • Geospatial Intelligence
    • Infrastructure and asset risk management,
    • Remote sensing imagery,
    • Geospatial engineering,
    • Visual spatial intelligence,
    • CB-TNB satellite


  • Sustainable Built Environment
    • Enabling technologies for sustainable living,
    • Smart green infrastructure,
    • Environmental pollution management,
    • Innovation construction engineering,
    • Green energy management, ecological restoration,
    • IHA sustainable Protocols


  • Energy Water Security
    • Dam safety & sustainability,
    • Flood resilience technology,
    • Sustainable water management.


  • Disaster Risk Reduction
    • Emergency preparedness,
    • Community based disaster management, technologies for emergency confinement and restoration,
    • Portfolio risk assessment,
    • Disaster blackout, spillage fire and sabotage.