The Institute of Informatics and Computing in Energy (IICE) was established in December 2016 as part of the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) BOLD2025 strategic plan, which has outlined research excellence as one of its three strategic goals.


In line with the aspiration to become an energy-focused university in the era of industry 4.0, IICE has been established to promote, catalyse and administer research that fall under the areas of computing and informatics in energy. In the long term, IICE hopes to emerge as an established and preferred research centre that is successful in linking academia, the energy industry and business in the common pursuit of excellence in energy informatics and computing through the research, development and consultation activities carried out.


To be an internationally renowned institute for research and consultancy that promote the use of ICT solutions for the energy domain.


To become an institute known globally for research and consultancy work that address the current and forthcoming energy challenges through the application of superior ICT principles and practices and to promote strategic research partnership between the academia and industry in the process.

Research Area

Embracing “Energy Infostucture” as its niche research area, to date, IICE has identified three research areas to focus on, namely Intelligent and Secure Energy Systems, Energy Infostructure and Governance, and Energy Data Analytics and Visualisation. These areas cover all research and consultancy work pertaining to the design and development of advanced ICT solutions to address the energy challenges, the efficient integration and management of the data obtained from the various energy systems and the effective use of the energy data.


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