UNITEN is envisioning its Putrajaya Campus into a replica of a smart city in an effort to create a “smart society”. Under the UNITEN Smart UniverCity, the entire project aims to create a unique campus experience by enriching students, staff and visitors experience through the application of technology to improve lifestyle, to reduce carbon footprint and innovate solutions for industry.


The university now have a mobile application that show lecture timetables, bus schedules, campus navigation, examination result, and announcement. The campus has also implemented cashless payment through e-wallet system.

Besides these, UNITEN plans on creating a micro smart-grid that will also allow the university to generate its own electricity using solar panels. This will also help reduce carbon footprint inside the campus.

All students and staff members will benefit from the smart city concept. Students and lecturers will enjoy a unique learning experience in UNITEN including its smart classrooms.

The objective of the Smart UniverCity is to provide unique campus experience to UNITEN stakeholders, as the student’s choice-of-university and employer's choice-of-graduates. Through Smart UniverCity projects, UNITEN can explore more opportunities with industries and government agencies so that everybody can share the benefits while playing roles to deliver quality services and technology to the community. It provides testbeds for the researchers and students to make use and leverage on what’s available for creating more innovations.


UNITEN has developed a strategy for Smart UniverCity project through a consolidated effort by various entities in TNB to translate the Smart City concept within UNITEN’s community.

The main focus of UNITEN Smart UniverCity is  to improve campus community life through smart technologies towards creating solutions that will enable integration between various applications and the students’ lifestyle. UNITEN’s Smart Campus project aims to:

  • Provide a low carbon, smart and sustainable campus featuring smart technologies

  • Support the National Green Agenda and TNB’s sustainability initiatives via innovation

  • Provide a prove of concept / demonstration site for TNB Smart City / Campus

  • Provide a convenient and healthy lifestyle for campus residents and patrons

  • Improve students learning outcomes on Smart City, green energy and sustainability using Experiential Learning

  • Optimize operational cost, increase efficiency and enhance revenue generation.

UNITEN Smart UniverCity Initiatives: 

Smart Facility

  • Smart Street Lighting System

Smart Energy

  • Rooftop PV
  • Smart Chiller Using Video Analytics

Smart Mobility

  • Electric bus
  • Electric bicycle

Smart Education

  • Problem Based Learning Classroom
  • Green Screen and Filming Studio
  • Virtual laboratory

Smart Security

  • Video Analytics

Smart Lifestyle

  • UNITENLife app
  • Cashless payment